Saloshni Govender – Top Achiever: P2

Well done to Saloshni for being our top achiever second time around!

Which ACCA resources did you make use of to prepare for the P2 exam?ACCA_StudentProfiles.jpg

I used the material provided on the ACCA website (past papers, notes etc) as well as other material from research on the internet etc, and also study material I obtain from friends also study through ACCA.

Please share tips on pre-exam nerves…how do you stay calm?

 I keep telling myself before a paper just to take each paper as they come and give my all to the one that I am writing and forget the rest.

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Greg Hodgson – Top Achiever: F8

Well done to Greg for succeeding as top achiever in the December exams. Keep going Greg!

What do you believe being an ACCA member will do for your career?

I believe that being an ACCA member will certainly open a lot of doors for me both locally and internationally. Having those professional letters after your name demonstrates that you not only have the requisite technical knowledge and experience, but also that you have the hard work and determination required to pass demanding professional exams.


How do you stay motivated?

I am motivated by the long, fulfilling and rewarding career that having the ACCA qualification and membership should offer, and the respect it will garner from friends, family and colleagues alike.

What words of encouragement do you have for other students?

I think that setting goals, both short-term and long-term are an important step to remaining motivated and for planning purposes. It is important to remain focused and not allow oneself to get too distracted by the many things that can sway our attention these days like social media and the internet etc.

I also like to remind myself  of the often quoted expression “Nothing worth having in life is ever easy to achieve”, in order to stay motivated.

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ACCA introduces Integrated Reporting into its qualification

Image  reports that the aim of an integrated report (IR) is to clearly and concisely tell the organization’s stakeholders about the company and its strategy and risks, linking its financial and sustainability performance in a way that gives stakeholders a holistic view of the organisation and its future prospects. #ACCA is the first global accountancy body to introduce integrated reporting into its qualification.

In essence an integrated report is a brief, detailed communication about how organisation’s performance, governance and strategy lead to the holistic creation of sustainable value.

This introduction came soon after the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) launched its new integrated reporting framework in December 2013. #IIRC is a comprehensive union of firms, investors, regulators, standard setters, the accountancy profession and NGO’s. The IIRC is the global authority on integrated reporting and is of the notion that vested interest in communication about value creation is crucial to the advancement of corporate reporting. ACCA’s strategic introduction of integrated reporting aims to improve the quality of information available by developing a diversified set of skills and supporting decision-making that focuses on the creation of value.

South African organisations need a carefully planned reporting environment. By introducing #IR into the course outline creates an area where professional ACCA affiliates can create long-term value for their firms and demonstrate leadership for the future. Evidently, ACCA’s unique core values such as accountability, innovation and opportunity continue to steer the professional body, equipping professionals with understanding and expertise to work in all sectors.

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