The Future in Finance Leadership Summit – Hosted by Alec Hogg


No matter the size and the potency of his weapons, without proper counsel no general can win a war. This is the case in the pursuit of success in the corporate world, with the absence of proper advice informed by in-depth research, mistakes are inevitable. Regulations and policies are liquid in the age we live, the fast pace of our world calls for constant improvement in the methods of trading. The finance sector especially is a subject of constant change and this requires that its inhabitants adapt quicker in order to remain sustainable in the industry.

The Future in Finance Leadership Summit is upon us. The summit will see industry influencers gather to discuss pertinent issues that finance professionals need to be cognisant of in order to bring to manifestation the visions that lead them in their everyday activities. The agenda of the day will touch on the Twin Peaks finance model of regulation, the motivations of Generation-Y and the Future Methods in finance Leadership; Alec Hogg (@alechogg),  finance writer, broadcaster and entrepreneur, will MC the summit.

Alec Hogg will be joined by industry influencers in the running of the summit. The summit will be hosted in 3 sessions:

  • Session 1: Future Pathways to Finance Leadership

Be part of an exclusive presentation of the findings from ACCA‘s (@ACCA_SA) global survey, Future Pathways to Finance Leadership, of over 750 CFO’s and Finance Directors. Panellist, Jo Ann Pohl – CFO Africa, Standard Chartered – will share feedback sharing sessions on how the changing global business environment requires a new style of leadership and skills set.

Find out how CFO’s around the world are rebalancing growth across markets and adjusting to new financial function models and roles in their organisations. What are the skills and abilities that a CFO will need to have to succeed in the future of business? How does the global view of this land into an African context and are there unique challenges that South African CFO’s face that are not addressed in the global survey?

  • Session 2: The Twin Peaks Model and the Radical Shift in the SA Regulation Landscape

Is the financial sector geared to implement new regulations? With South Africa moving to a more diversified regulatory approach, what new mandates will institutions such as the Financial Services Board (FSB), the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)  and the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) operate with under the Twin Peaks model? Panellist, Barrie Bramley – Curious Disruptor at Calidascope – deliberates and localises discussions on research findings from ACCA. Maria Vermaas – Head: Legal and Regulatory, Strate, will also be a part of the panel

  • Session 3: Generation Y – Realising the Potential

How can HR Officers shape roles for Generation-Y finance professionals in order to fulfil their potential? This generation will shape the future of our profession and have a significant role to play in the growth and development of business in the decades ahead. What attracts the youngest finance professionals to work for a particular organisation, how do they like to learn, and what makes them want to stay with an employer? How do employers attract, develop and retain the very best of this generation? Panellist, Emilio Pera – Financial Services Sector Leader at EY – deliberates and localises discussions on research findings from ACCA, report: Generation Y: Realising the Potential.

The summit looks to encourage CFOs and finance leaders to think about the direction the industry is headed into. It is when CFO’s are talking about the changes that the industry is experiencing that they will be in a better position to device sound strategies that will ensure that they remain sustainable in the finance industry.