Greg Hodgson – Top Achiever: F8

Well done to Greg for succeeding as top achiever in the December exams. Keep going Greg!

What do you believe being an ACCA member will do for your career?

I believe that being an ACCA member will certainly open a lot of doors for me both locally and internationally. Having those professional letters after your name demonstrates that you not only have the requisite technical knowledge and experience, but also that you have the hard work and determination required to pass demanding professional exams.


How do you stay motivated?

I am motivated by the long, fulfilling and rewarding career that having the ACCA qualification and membership should offer, and the respect it will garner from friends, family and colleagues alike.

What words of encouragement do you have for other students?

I think that setting goals, both short-term and long-term are an important step to remaining motivated and for planning purposes. It is important to remain focused and not allow oneself to get too distracted by the many things that can sway our attention these days like social media and the internet etc.

I also like to remind myself  of the often quoted expression “Nothing worth having in life is ever easy to achieve”, in order to stay motivated.

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This is why I chose ACCA – Reneilwe Ntshwarang

acca_linkedinblogimageOne of the main reasons why I chose ACCA was because of the flexibility of the qualification. The ACCA qualification will increase my career progression opportunities and not limit me to one line of work. I now have the opportunity to branch into any industry or field within the world of finance.


ACCA’s global recognition will open up international opportunities and give employers the confidence that they can place me in a broad range of demanding situations with certainty that I will undertake my duties professionally, effectively and competently.


What kept me motivated throughout my journey?


Attitude determines your altitude. I’ve always lived by; “if you have the right attitude, you are half way there”! The rest you can learn. What has kept me driven is my attitude and hunger to learn and grow and is definitely what takes me through the long study hours. I set a goal and I put my all to in ensure I achieve it. It’s a lot of hard work and sacrifice but it is worth it in the end.


Editor’s note: We would like to thank Reneilwe on her top achievement. Reneilwe will soon join many ACCA Members achieving global greatness.