Johannes Basson, Top Achiever, June 2017

Johannes Basson excelled in the P3 June Exam, we had a chat with him to hear how he made it happen;

What do you believe being an ACCA member will do for your career?

I believe the ACCA qualification will compliment my existing credentials and effectively portray me as a well-balanced, technically adept professional.

How do you find the time to study effectively while working full time?

This has never been easy but I like to think that my daily work actually feeds into the knowledge requirements of my studies and vice versa. Other than that, I try to find an extra hour wherever I can to chip away at the syllabus.

How do you stay motivated?

By constantly thinking about my long-term prosperity and how my perseverance always seems to pay off eventually.

What words of encouragement do you have for other students?

If you feel like you are about to quit then remind yourself why you started!


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