Notification to Students: Ethics and Professional Skills Module

Dear ACCA Students,

Please note that effective October 31, 2017, ACCA’s current Professional Ethics Module will change to Ethics and Professional Skills Module.

Understanding the new module

The new module will have key significant features that will be different from the current module. Please note the following features of the new module:

  • The duration of the new module will be 20 hours
  • The new module will cost £60
  • You should finish the module before starting the Strategic Professional exams
  • You can start when you are studying any Applied Skills exam
  • You are awarded a certificate upon completion

If you prefer to sit for the current Ethics Module

The duration is about three hours and is taken online. There are no costs associated with the current Module.  It may be taken by any student who has completed F1 to F3.

ACCA encourages you to do so now, don’t procrastinate! Take time off and get the module out of the way! You will be happy that you did. Good luck in your completion of the module and best wishes in your ACCA journey.

For any enquiries on the above, please contact The Education Team  by e-mailing: