Yolandi Campbell – Top achiever: P4

Meet our ACCA top achievers in the September exam session P4. This rising stars proves that hard work and dedication pay’s off!

What is Yolandi’s motivation?

I believe ACCA provides me with a platform from which I will be able to propel myself, while giving me readily available access to information that will ensure my knowledge remains current and relevant.

acca_studentprofilesWhen preparing for exams, it is more important to prioritise and be comfortable with your choices, realising that you will have to make sacrifices and forgiving yourself for them. At this stage in my life it is more important for me to be a good wife and good employee, while still progressing through my studies.

I remind myself that I chose this path and focus on the rewards at the end of the journey. There are harder things in life than having the privilege to study and better yourself.

Finally my words of encouragement: “Grind while they rest. Study when they party. You’ll live like they dream.” – Grant Cardone

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