Taking care of the future CFO

Every finance leader knows predicting the future of finance is not an exact science. What is certain though is the speed of change and how this change is altering expectations on what the future CFO may look like. There is an incredible value, as a CFO, in understanding what the finance sector may look like, but the greater value is in knowing what future skills to garner.

This type of insight will further help re-shape educational institutes and curriculum ensuring today’s students can be tomorrow’s leaders. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), recently released a future gazing in-depth report on the future of finance titled; Professional Accountants – the future. This report synthesises the results of this qualitative and quantitative global and national research. The report deals with two main elements; firstly the drivers of change that will have the most impact, and secondly the future skills required of professional accountants to respond to those changes. Outlining these possible future outcomes, pitfalls, skills requirements ensures that as a world leading association, ACCA is driving educational changes in order to build a better finance sector.


One of the platforms ACCA has chosen to drive change is through education empowerment. This alignment with some of the top education institutes in Africa will ensure success for future finance leaders. Such an alignment is the CFO Case Study Competition – an international, annual multi-round business management competition, hosted by Charter Quest. It challenges young people who aspire to be top CFOs and/or Global Business Leaders to demonstrate their potential by competing to solve a set of real-life complex finance, managerial and strategic problems that beset a “hypothetical” African company. As an endorser of this event, ACCA is passionate about ensuring its future members are well armed with educational and experience tools to navigate successfully through their journey as future leaders.

ACCA seeks to bring added value to the evolving finance role in a number of ways, namely, through engagement with employers and aligning our qualification to complement strategic business acumen. “ Patience Semenya, Head: ACCA South Africa

The CFO Case Study Competition is currently in its second round – the public voting stage – where the public has the opportunity to vote for the best videos submitted by the top 6 teams.

The semi-finals and finals will be held on the 13th and 14th of October respectively. The team finalists will be asset by the following criteria’s:

  • Finance & Technical
  • Diversity & Business
  • Ethics & People
  • Presentation, Question & Answers
  • Decisiveness & Leadership
  • Innovation & Integration

To view more details on the competition visit: http://bit.ly/1SWgm4O

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