How to become the evolving accountant



Are traditional #accountants facing extinction? The world is at a time where digital technology is gaining ground and the accountant’s role in business is under threat. In order to stay relevant the need to evolve is greater than ever.

Today, in the #digital age, most of the compliancy, account management and reporting have been digitalised and the accountant’s role in business has shifted. Any Astute business leader wants regular input from their accountant not just profit and loss. They want reporting as well as advice on how to grow their enterprise, how to increase sales, speed up internal processes, reduce overheads, expand into new markets. They want to be able to make quick decisions such as ordering another shipment of stock, hiring more employees, investing in a new product, CAPEX spending, expanding their premises and so on.

“The role of accountants has become more important to general society, the focus is on social value opposed to just reporting on profit and loss.” – Karen Smal, Acting Head, ACCA South Africa.

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Then there is value. This reference to value in a wider sense contributes to society in some way whether economically, socially or environmentally. In February 2014, #ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) released a report dealing with social change in accountancy titled; Creating value through governance – towards a new accountability ( The report looks at what causes economic growth and at the nature of money and debt; further it researches how companies create value and find that some activities which may be very profitable do not create value so much as extract or transfer value from somewhere else. The report encourages a proposed accountability framework based on performing, informing and holding to account which can be used to asses and to improve corporate and social governance.

The digital age is allowing the opportunity to evolve, to become role players, social changers. #Digitalised accountancy processes allow accountants to focus more time and energy on company growth strategies opposed to bean counting. Ethics, good governance and social upliftment will become a key component of the accountant 2.0. In South Africa, where social change is vital in the success of business and government, the evolving accountant will flourish.

Read more on the changing role of Accountants in South Africa at:  

ACCA South Africa.

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