2013 has proved a very good year for ACCA SA

Head of ACCA SA, Nadine Kater says 2013 has proved a very good year for ACCA SA.

As 2013 draws to a close it is appropriate to reflect on ACCA SA’s achievements over the past year.

Scrutiny of ACCA SA’s achievements over the past year confirms that 2013 has proved a very successful year; it has also proved a very busy year for ACCA SA staff.

Considerable inroads that have been made in terms of building the ACCA brand in South Africa. The past year saw a flurry of university visits and Career Days. Particularly gratifying is the ever increasing number of accounting graduates, who are expressing interest in completing the ACCA Professional qualification. This augurs very well for the Accounting profession in South Africa and the economy as a whole as these skills are in short supply.

One of the highlights was our high profile Public Sector Forum at the Sandton Sun. The Public Sector Forum ended on a high note, with me inviting all professional bodies to work together to find solutions to build capacity within the public sector.

Our CFO Roundtable on the changing role of the CFO also proved very successful. Delegates included representatives from the Auditor-General of South Africa, small accounting practices, auditing firms, Medical Funds, NGOs, Reinsurance companies, international development organisations, and environmental consultants.

Participants confirmed that the challenges that CFOs in South Africa face are very similar to those of their counterparts face world-wide. However, they also have to grapple with issues around BEE and deficits in terms of soft skills.

Memorable too was the award of the prestigious ACCA Simpson Scholarship to ACCA SA student, Tinashe Matambo. This is the first time, since the scholarship was inaugurated in 2008 that an ACCA SA student has been awarded a Simpson Scholarship.

ACCA SA has always believed in giving back. During the course of the year, we realised our dream of opening a school library at Refalletse Primary School in Orange Farm. In addition, in partnership with Fasset we planted a vegetable garden at the school. Hopefully this will greatly bolster the school’s feeding scheme.

I would like to thank ACCA SA Panellists, ACCA members, employers, tuition providers and students as well as the ACCA SA staff for their support and commitment over the past year. I would also like to wish you a well-earned rest over the festive season. May we return to work in 2014 with a renewed vigour to fly the ACCA flag even higher.

Head of ACCA SA

Nadine Kater

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