E-recruitment requires a strong online presence

Vicki Marais-Swanepoel is the Vice President: Engineering and International Placements at Pro Tem. Vicki has over 13 years’ experience in the Recruitment industry, and many years’ experience, including recruiting candidates from the web.

E-recruitment, also known as online recruitment or virtual recruiting is a very efficient strategy for recruiting candidates. Millions of candidates worldwide are recruited via the Internet. While LinkedIn, with a membership of over 200 million, is a social networking site for professionals, the site is also used extensively by recruiters worldwide, to identify and recruit talent.

How strong, and how representative is your online presence? In my experience, accountants are generally very bad at marketing themselves. Contrary to what many accountants believe, a job title and a list of qualifications, does not suffice. If you are on LinkedIn you need to promote yourself; you need to market yourself fully.

Whether an ‘active’ or ‘passive’ candidate, you need to ensure that your profile stands out. Everything in your CV should be included in your web profile. Your profile should be complete in every respect: it should include a comprehensive history of your career, including experience, list of positions held, qualifications, critical skills, responsibilities and accolades.

Even if you are not necessarily looking for a position currently, this may change. The recruitment industry recruits thousands of ‘passive’ candidates on an annual basis. Although these individuals may not have been actively looking for a new position, they appeared on the recruiter’s radar, based on their strong and comprehensive online presence.

There are a number of golden rules to ensure a strong online presence. Always include a current, good quality photograph of yourself. Never include photographs of your pets or your children: this is unprofessional. Ensure that your profile is accurate, comprehensive, and current and that it is also updated on a regular basis.

A strong online presence is a wonderful way in which to showcase your skills and talent to the world. Are you up to the challenge? What are you going to do to ensure that your profile is amongst the first to be viewed online by prospective recruiters and employers?

Vicki Marais-Swanepoel, Vice President: Engineering and International Placements at Pro Tem.

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