It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us

The official opening of the Refalletse Primary School Library on the 19th June was a ‘feel-good’ moment for ACCA staff, ACCA service providers and anyone involved in making this dream come true.

It was also humbling, but very empowering to recognise how individuals and even a small office such as our own, can make a considerable difference through acts of kindness, to others far less fortunate than ourselves.

I was reminded of the words written by cultural anthropologist, Margaret Mead: “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

In the big picture, donating a school library of around 1 000 books may appear modest, especially when one considers that the world’s largest library, the US Library of Congress boasts 129 million books, has a budget of around $ 647 million, has over 3 600 staff and receives over 1,7 million visitors each year.

However, if you have ever visited Orange Farm you will immediately understand how the Refalletse Primary School Library has the potential to have a huge impact not only within the school, but within the community as a whole. The impact locally will undoubtedly be as great as that of a US Library of Congress.

By improving English literacy, many more young people will be empowered to further their education and will hopefully become leaders in their communities and in South Africa as a whole. A better understanding of English opens many doors: it enables one to understand exam questions that are being asked, thereby improving one’s performance. It also enables one to master subjects such as Mathematics and Science.

Having seen the joy on the children and teachers faces, the ACCA SA team want to do more and continue doing more. Realising that the school choir does not have a uniform, before the proceedings were over, we had already offered to sponsor a standard outfit for the school choir. Our reward – having the Refalletse School Choir perform at our annual Sustainability Reporting Rewards later in the year.

Youth Month is almost over, so one needs to respond quickly. Have you considered approaching a school, or any organisation which deals with youth to see how you can help make a difference? Establishing school libraries, donating books or stationery, computers or school desks, starting vegetable gardens, sponsoring warm winter clothing, whether shoes, socks, jerseys or gloves, or a hot meal, can go a long way towards helping to eradicate poverty and creating conditions conducive to obtaining a good education.

A school teacher, Jackie Mutcheson sums it up very nicely: “It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.” Are you willing to help make a difference?

Karen Smal
ACCA SA Marketing Promotions Manager

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